Nemesis of the Roman Empire

Become a military hero commanding forces from Rome to the Iberian Peninsula in this Epic drama paralleling real Roman history!

Game Description

Nemesis is a Roman era military strategy game that is inspired by real battles fought throughout a fascinating time in Roman history. Be involved with some major civilizations - from the Romans to the Carthaginians to the Guals or the Iberians. Choose wisely which race you are going to be, for your very life could depend on your choices.

Nemesis of the Roman Empire is unique in the fact there is no base building whatsoever. All of your time, energies, and money are spent on the building of units and fighting your battles. No need to spend all day building towns when you have battles to fight and lands to conquer!

You will command up to 50 military units and build 30 or more settlements. You will need to gather the necessary food and gold to wage the war against your foes. Nemesis of the Roman Empire picks up where the award-winning Celtic Kings: Rage of War left off.